Who is responsible for our mental health?

One Question in partnership with Social Finance and an incredible advisory board, has launched a place-based initiative to explore the positive and negative levers of mental health and how they differ culturally, by generation, gender, disability, and socio-economically. By understanding what keeps us mentally healthy, we can invest in personal agency, our communities and the importance of connection in our organisations and societies to promote positive mental health and reduce the rise in crisis.

Starting with localised commissioned research, we will work with leading institutions and organisations in different regions to shift local policy, engage in the community, and change behaviour with a regional approach to reducing the impact of mental health crises on our businesses and society.

We want to understand the cause, not just treat the symptoms.


Piloting in Bristol 

This year, we are piloting our project in Bristol – the home town of our founder and a city with one of the highest rates of suicide in the UK; we are raising funds to launch the biggest piece of regional research to understand what keeps Bristol mentally healthy. 

We are starting with a conversation on the 26th of September in partnership with Triodos Bank; we are inviting members and guests to answer our One Question.


Who is responsible for our mental health? 

The afternoon conversation invites perspectives on community, culture, education, sport, and business to share challenges, find common understanding, grow personal agency and raise funds to commission the city’s largest piece of regional research.

Bristol is just the beginning; with your support, we can model a healthier and happier society, one region at a time.

Together, we can reduce the rate of crisis. Join us.



Thursday 26th September, 12.30 – 17.00, Triodos Foundation, Deanery Rd, Bristol BS1 5AS


From the Clinical Perspective

Join Sarah, Dr Natasha Ward, BNSGG Clinical lead for Mental Health and leading Neuroscientists, to better understand what we need to remain mentally healthy and how community and connection can stop us from reaching crisis.


From the Cultural Perspective.

Join Sarah Parsonage in conversation with Kay Rufai, founder of the S.M.I.L.E-ing Boys Project, and others to understand how mental health crisis affects Black men and boys.


From the Student Perspective.

Join James Scroggs, Chairman of the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), in conversation with students from Bristol University to understand what mental health means to them, how they manage crisis and where responsibility lies.


From the Business Perspective.

Zoe Ruthven, Marketing and Communications Director joins Dominic Borel, founder of Bianchis Group, and other leading businesses in Bristol to answer questions, share challenges, and explore this One Question.


From the A.I. Perspective.

Leading experts join the conversation to explore the role of AI in mental health, how technological innovations can help and hinder our mental health, and the responsibility we share in adopting it.


From the Community Perspective

Sarah Parsonage hosts the final conversation of the day, inviting community leaders to explore how we can invest in each other and our communities to sustain positive mental health for everyone.


Drinks Reception 

We end the conversation with an informal drinks reception to meet guests and enjoy an evening cocktail.