Will Beckett

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Founder & CEO


Will Beckett is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hawksmoor. Having set up the first restaurant in 2006 with best friend Huw Gott, the pair have grown the business into one of the most admired restaurant brands in the UK. With restaurants in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and New York, Hawksmoor has a reputation as one of the best steak restaurants in the world.

Hawksmoor has been ranked amongst the best companies to work for by Best Companies for 10 years in a row, and amongst the most sustainable restaurant groups by the Sustainable Restaurant Association for 12 years in a row. As of late 2021, Hawksmoor is a carbon-neutral company.

Will is also Chairman of Rockfish, another sustainability-focused restaurant group in the South West of England, is on the City Harvest Food Council, and is a founding trustee of A Good Dinner, a charity he helped set up to connect charities working to alleviate food and water poverty in the UK and abroad with potential fundraisers and donors in the Hospitality Industry.