Tara Prabhakar

One Question
Tara Prabhakar

Global Director, Qualitative

Kantar Insights

Tara has 20 years of experience studying people, brands, culture, and their dynamics. In her current
role, she helps marketers leverage the power of human insight to build products, brands and
services that matter to people. For Tara, human insight plays a fundamental role in transforming the
brand-people equation from transactional consumption to meaningful relationships – an all-
important priority in today’s experience age.

(Perhaps naively) Tara believes that the Insights industry can bring people into the boardroom, give
them a voice, and help them drive a company’s value creation process as much as shareholders.
Prior to joining Kantar, Tara has worked in Shopper Consulting and in the Planning function at an
FMCG company. Originally from India, she has lived in China, Singapore, the U.S. and the UK, and
partnered with a wide range of companies around the world, from large multinationals to budding

A surprising fact about Tara is her history of ‘almosts’ – almost a UN cultural representative, a cricket
commentator, a civil servant, a journalist. It says a lot about the allure of qualitative research that
she’s happily spent two decades being a ‘quallie’.