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Ben Ryan


Glaze Prosthetics

Ben is a self-taught design engineer and Founder of Ambionices and Director of Glaze Prosthetics. Since his 10-day son was born with the need for his arm to amputated Ben set on a path to develop his own prosthetic company.

Ambionics has since gone from strength to strength. Using knowledge from his own training as a
neuro-psychology lecturer, and collaborating with engineers, bio-technologists and specialist
designers, Ben has led Ambionics to develop major advances in prosthetics technology.

Ben knew that it is crucial to give very young children the chance to interact with prosthetics as
quickly as possible. This way, their brains can learn to register, react to and fully use their
replacement limbs. The vital developmental window is narrow. To maximise its potential, the right
technology needs to be available much earlier in a child’s life than existing approaches could
accommodate. The right technology, right time, is of the essence.

In just two years of the company’s existence, Ben has proudly accepted two national (USA and UK)
and seven international awards for technology and innovation achievement. His work has been peer-reviewed by medical experts through Orthopaedics Research UK. And he has been privileged to work
alongside world leaders in technology, design and engineering, including teams at Microsoft,
Autodesk and RS Components.

Ben continues to challenge current practice around the technologies and the treatment timings
applied to babies and toddlers who are missing a hand. For very good reasons – greater
functionality, much-improved outcomes and better lives – he wants to disrupt the status quo. His
vision, of free-to-all facilities offered around the world, is starting to be realised. In 2018, the first,
entirely free, specialist Ambionics prosthetic limb clinic will open their doors in South America. Ben
and those who work with him are passionate about the difference to lives these facilities can make.