Anjali Puri

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Anjali Puri

Global Director, Qualitative Offer and Expertise

Kantar, Insights Division

A seasoned qualitative researcher with more than 25 years in the industry, Anjali Puri is acknowledged
for her ability to combine fresh, innovative thinking with marketing clarity. She has held a number of
regional and global positions as a qualitative leader, most recently as global qualitative head for Kantar

In her current role, Anjali is responsible for strategy and offer development for Kantar’s qualitative
practice, with a strong focus on its culture, offer development and thought leadership.

Anjali has been active in the development of new qualitative methodologies and has contributed to
shaping contemporary thinking in qualitative research, particularly in the areas of consumer choices,
behaviour change, cross-cultural insight and social media.

Anjali is a frequent presenter at ESOMAR and other industry forums. She has received multiple awards,
including the ‘Best New Thinking’ award by the UK MRS and the WPP Atticus award for her work in
Behavioural Economics.