Simon Norris

Founder & CEO


Simon has over 20 years’ experience running a successful and thought-leading digital business. After his first 6 years working at the digital cutting edge for brands and corporations, he quickly realised the future of the web should be focused on the intelligent crafting of the experience that technology and businesses provide to their customers.

In 2001 Simon founded Nomensa a user experience design company. He coined the phrase ‘Humanising Technology’ to reinforce Nomensa’s belief that digital technology should be both usable, accessible and engaging. With an academic background in Human Psychology, Human Biology and Cognitive Science, he has turned the traditional view of web design on its head, focussing on people’s emotions and their experiences to reshape how organisations can engage with their customers more deeply, meaningfully and ultimately more profitably. As CEO, Simon is responsible for the growth and strategic development of Nomensa. He also leads the corporate UX strategy and vision, integrating and refining human-centered design techniques for many Nomensa clients. This is why some of the world’s largest companies ask him to create their corporate UX strategy and digital transformation programmes.