One Edition, Volume One


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“One Question is about creating an amazing experience; as after all, it’s the experience that makes for a good story.”

Sarah Parsonage, One Question.

In November 2016, the very first One Question debated how we successfully marry technology and humanity. This is a subject I am in equal part fascinated and terrified by. The speed at which technology changes is frightening; and the ease that we adapt to it and crave even more digital interaction is bewildering. Yet we wouldn’t change it. The ability to be more efficient and more connected is now essential to our lives – but how do we manage it?

How do we sustain a world in which we can use technology like VR to recreate human experiences, or artificial intelligence to mirror the human mind, yet still retain the emotion and the heart of humanity itself? How do we ensure that industries with hundred-year heritages don’t lose the human touch? That art isn’t only ever experienced through a television set? That personal relationships aren’t replaced with artificial ones?

One Edition is the first edition of many questions to come. It allows us to beautifully relive the One Question experience and collates the different perspectives from across the day. Designed exclusively for One Question, we were delighted to partner with the brilliant people at gapingvoid to illustrate this very first edition, who will also be partnering with us to produce Volume Two!

One Question will continue to ask the difficult questions in Spring this year, hearing more perspectives from different industries, cultures and places.