Launching this summer, One Conversation

In a world of overwhelm and uncertainty, have we stopped investing in real-life relationships without distraction? 

Our ability to relate to each other emotionally, intellectually, and physically is fundamental to our health and happiness and the success of our businesses and societies. 

Deep, meaningful conversation is the fabric of society. Through it, we find common ground, share perspectives, and develop empathy, patience, and genuine connection. In conversation, we solve problems and find new opportunities.

Launching this Summer, One Conversation will invite thinkers from different perspectives to explore our biggest societal challenges in conversation through the lens of a single question. An evening to press pause and invest in conversation to inspire new thinking and share concerns, reflections and new ideas in a safe, inclusive environment. One conversation is not interviews or broadcast keynotes but genuine dialogue to develop real-life connections. 



On July 3rd, Freya India, author of Subtack, Girls and staff writer for Jonathan Haidts’ movement, Anxious Generation, joins Sarah to answer, Has opportunity become invisible for the next generation?”

Hosted at Hammersmiths Kindred, guests will be invited to join Freya in conversation and explore the challenges or opportunities of technological innovation, a new British government, economic uncertainty and cultural movements. 



One Conversation is complimentary for One Question. Non-members can purchase a ticket, £40.00 + VAT, which includes a drink on arrival and a copy of Jonathan Haidt’s new book.