A new study by Bloomberg Economics found that women’s education and employment converging with that of men would add  $20 trillion to global GDP by 2050.

The One Question Foundation is a global movement to empower girls and young women from under-represented backgrounds to be part of the conversation in society, one question at a time. 

Research shows that girls and women from underrepresented backgrounds, be it socio-economically, culturally or through disability, are not offered the same opportunities in society, economically, politically or culturally. Often, due to a lack of financial means, familial support, or the ability to relate to the education system. Under-represented girls and women are often not offered the same opportunities to ensure their voices are heard. To ask questions and challenge the status quo. 

The foundation aims to develop skills for young women aged 16-21 to ensure that they have a seat at every table, and in every conversation. In our first year, we will invite fifteen young women to join a 6-month course hosted in the UK to answer six questions in key areas of society: democracy, environmentalism, economics, healthcare, emotional intelligence and confidence

Supported by the One Question members, each young woman will answer these questions through a mixture of conversation – private and public discussion and debate, reading and writing. All who are successful in completing the course will be awarded the option of funding for a business, full-time employment or finance for further education.

To find out more about the foundation, to become a mentor or corporate patron send the team an email.