May 2019 – Does purpose really drive profit?

May 2019 – Does purpose really drive profit?

Our full day conference takes place in Spring each year, uniting expert speakers from the worlds of marketing, finance, healthcare, communications, media, advertising and more to debate one question.

On the 14th May 2019, One Question returns to ask: Does purpose really drive profit?

8.30 ~ 9.30

Registration and Coffee

9.30 ~ 10.15

The Marketing Perspective

Lisa Hogg, European Marketing Director for TOMS joins the agenda to discuss the reality of purpose-driven business. In interview with Kantar’s Tara Prabhakar, Lisa and Tara will discuss the current ‘marketing bubble’ of purpose as a marketing strategy, what it takes to be a profitable social business and marketing principles that actually mean something.

10.15 ~ 10.35

The Advertising Perspective

Tom explores why brand purpose is so prevalent yet so divisive a topic in advertising. Have advertising people jumped on brand purpose as a way to bring them the respectability they’ve always sought in a society which sees them as hucksters and liars? Does purpose drive profit or is it the biggest lie the ad industry ever told?

10.35 ~ 11.00

The Health Perspective

Andrew Gardner CEO of DoctorLink joins the agenda to discuss the purpose and profitability in healthcare both in the UK and globally. How do we define profit in the healthcare industry and can technology aid it’s a purpose to ensure we achieve it.

11.00 ~ 11.30

Tea & Coffee

11.30 ~ 11.50

The Environmental Perspective

Tom Kay, Founder of Finisterre joins the agenda to discuss the highs and lows of building a business built on purpose alone. Tom founded Finisterre from a love of the sea and a passion to protect our environment, but profitability is not always enough.

11.50 ~ 12.30

The Media Perspective

CEO H+K, Simon Whitehead hosts a conversation with Co-Founder and Editor of Tortoise Media, James Harding, Senior Vice President of The New York Times, Jean-Christophe Demarta and Journalist and Broadcaster Georgie Frost, answering this year one question, does purpose really drive profit in the media? How do media publications stay true to their purpose of producing quality news under the pressure of existing financial models? Is the tide changing, are readers demanding quality over quantity?

12.30 ~ 13.15

The Human Perspective

Major Andrew Fox commands C Company, Third Battalion of The Parachute Regiment and has since between deployed on three operational tours to Afghanistan, one tour of Bosnia, and numerous tasks in the Middle East, and overseas exercises in Kenya, Latvia, Poland, the USA, Spain. Major Fox joins the agenda to discuss the purpose and profit of serving his country, reinforcing the true definition of purpose and the importance or lack of, profit.

13.15 ~ 14.15


A sumptuous two-course lunch and the chance to meet fellow One Question members.

14.15 ~ 15.00

The Political Perspective

Sarada Peri, Former Senior Speechwriter for President Obama joins the agenda with Founder of Delta Poll, Joe Twyman to discuss the head and the heart of politics. If profit in politics is the cost of one vote, how do we ensure that we communicate our purpose effectively? Brexit has shown that today, we vote with our hearts more than our heads. Joe and Sarada will discuss the real purpose in politics.

15.00 ~ 15.20

The Business Perspective

Pamela Hutchinson, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Bloomberg joins the agenda to answer does purpose really drive profit in business? Today, building a profitable business is no longer enough, companies are expected to create a diverse culture that harnesses the very best talent, to make a political and environmental stand and ensure that the company has an evangelical spokesperson to articulate its ‘purpose.’ However, without profitability, the company ceases to exist. Pamela joins the agenda to answer if companies can be both, profitable and purposeful.

15.20 ~ 15.50

Tea & Coffee

15.50 ~ 16.30

The Brand Perspective

Alex Weller, Marketing Director, Europe, Patagonia joins the agenda in an interview with James Scroggs, former Marketing Director at ITV and MTV to answer the one question, does purpose really drive profit? From the perspective of a brand, known globally as the company, ‘in business to save our home planet.’

16.30 ~ 17.00

The Finance Perspective

Sarah Lockhart, Co-Founder of Rinse FM, joins the agenda to share her thoughts on purpose and profit within the music industry. From her transformative work at Rinse, to her moulding of the UK garage industry, Sarah has always been engaged with movements that have a social purpose. She’ll be sharing her thoughts on whether this purpose really does drive profit in the final session of One Question’s conference.

17.15 ~ 19.30

Exclusive Drinks Reception