May 2017 – Can We Really Trust Technology?

May 2017 – Can we really trust technology?

One Question is designed to allow guests to press pause on their every day, and ask themselves the bigger questions, learn, be inspired and make new and strengthen existing relationships.

The day is comprised of twelve different perspectives from a range of industries discussing and debating just One Question.

In order to immerse yourself in the event, no times will be supplied on the agenda. Registration is from 8.30, and the event begins at 9.30. The event will be followed by a drinks reception at 5.30.

8.30 ~ 9.15am

Registration and Coffee

The Story Perspective

Matthew Luhn

One of the original story creators at Pixar, Matthew Luhn, takes us on a story of our own, as we debate the importance of trusting technology in the creation of some of the most famous Pixar films.

The Advertising Perspective

James Whatley, Ogilvy

James Whatley, Planning Partner at Ogilvy & Mather discusses how an advertising agency with phenomenal heritage and global presence balances the art of creativity, technology and trust.

The Fashion Perspective

Vikki Chowney, H+K Strategies, Nick Blunden, Business of Fashion

As the innovation in technology continues to affect every aspect of our lives, can we trust it not to damage creativity? As that way in which we shop continues to become more and more digital how do we retain the importance of traditional creative roles. Join Vikki Chowney and Nick Blunden as they explore trust in technology from the fashion perspective.

The Data Perspective

Joe Twyman, YouGov

At a time of such political uncertainty and such phenomenal access to information, how should we best make decisions for our future, as humans and professionals? How has the impact of things like new technology and big data turned the world of polling and opinion research upside down? In the aftermath of Brexit and as we move forward to unknown times how do we distinguish between the results and data we can trust from that we should ignore?

Join Joe as he debates the value and danger of having such phenomenal access to information.

The Business Perspective

Simon Norris, Nomensa

Digitisation is changing the way we live, work and play. To create the changes in the world we want to see we need to change the way we think about business and technology. Join Simon for a thought provoking session on what it means to be a business in today’s world and how creating ground-breaking experiences is just the beginning.

The Health Perspective

Rebecca Cotton, NHS

Join Rebecca Cotton, Director of Policy for the Mental Health Network at the NHS as she debates how can we empower people to make the most of those opportunities presented by technology to manage their own mental health.

Coffee and Tea

The Ethics Perspective

Dr Chris Brauer, Goldsmiths, University of London

Dr Chris Brauer joins One Question to discuss the importance ethics and trust in technology. As innovations in technology continue to develop at such pace, how do we as humans balance the desire for new technologies with our trust?

The Finance Perspective

Brian Henderson, PwC, Valerio Magliula, Monzo. Rahul Sharma, Deloitte. Annabelle Williams, The Times.

Join PwC and leading brands for a conversation on the balance of trust and innovation in Finance. With the rise of challenger banks and mobile apps, do we trust nimble organisations with technology at the heart of their product more or less than heritage brands, with our money?


The Future Perspective

Trevor Hardy, The Future Laboratory

What does a future look like if we put all our trust in technology? Would you trust any individual with every detail of your life? Join Trevor Hardy of The Future Laboratory on an glimpse of what the future looks like if we don’t ask what ourselves this important, one question.

The Government Perspective

Lindsay Holst, Former Digital Director for Vice President Joe Biden

Lindsay Holst, former Digital Director for Vice President Joe Biden, and Deputy Email Director for the 2012 Obama for America Campaign joins One Question to discuss, how does one of the most powerful houses in the world communicate when balancing trust and technology.

The Human Perspective

Stephen Pavlovich, Conversion

Technology is changing decision-making. In the past, the most important decisions were made once – usually around a boardroom table. Now, companies can use technology to test multiple possible outcomes. Join Stephen Pavlovich of Conversion as he discusses how by putting humans at the heart of decision-making, they’re improving every aspect of their business.

Coffee or tea

The Media Perspective

Jason Karaian, Quartz, Madhumita Murgia, The Financial Times, Bruce Daisley, Twitter. Nate Lanxon, Bloomberg

Join The Financial Times, Twitter and Quartz to discuss debate whether the on-demand nature of news has replaced the trust we put in publications? In a time of political uncertainty and the saturation of content online, how do we balance demand and trust?

The Marketing Perspective

Jeremy Waite, IBM & Javier Sanchez Lamelas, Author of MARTKETING ~ The Heart and Brain of Branding

Join Jeremy Waite of IBM as he interviews Javier, Sanchez Lamelas, former VP of Marketing for Europe at Coca-Cola on his new book, MARTKETING ~ The Heart and Brain of Branding. Delving further into the marketing secrets and lessons learnt from one of the world’s most exciting global brands – Coca Cola.

5.30 ~ 7.00pm

Two cocktail drinks reception

Continue conversations, make new connections and strengthen existing relationships with this exclusive drinks reception following a full day of learning with a choice of two cocktails.