June 2018 – Has technology enhanced or damaged our experiences?

June 2018- Has technology enhanced or damaged our experiences?

One Question is designed to challenge the way we think about our every day and breakdown echo chambers, asking the big questions, how and why? On the 7th June 2018, we ask, has technology enhanced or damaged our experiences?

The day is comprised of twelve different perspectives from a range of industries, view the full agenda below or a collection of photos from the event here.

8.30 ~ 9.30

Registration and Coffee

9.30 ~ 9.50

The Data Perspective

Amelia Showalter, Former Director of Digital Analytics for President Obamas’s re-election campaign and Co-Founder of Pantheon Analytics joins the agenda to answer how technology has enhanced or damaged our experience of data.

9.50 ~ 10.40

The Health Perspective

Jessica Walsh, Managing Director at Hill+Knowlton Strategies leads an insightful debate with John Gordon of Pfizer Innovative Health, and Deborah AlSayed, Digital Transformation at NHS England on the impact of our experiences in healthcare, from the perspective of a patient, a health professional and a technology company.

10.40 ~ 11.10

Tea & Coffee

11.10 ~ 11.30

The VR Perspective

Artist and Director, Em Cole joins the agenda telling her story through the narrative of virtual and augmented reality. A young visual artist, studying at London’s Royal College of Art Em joins the agenda to share how the damage of technology has given her a startling purpose to adopt it as a way to change her experience and to teach others to do the same. In what is a powerful and awe-inspiring story that encompasses what One Question was curated to do, challenge the way we think about our everyday.

11.30 ~ 12.15

The Marketing Perspective

Russell Parsons, Editor of Marketing Week is joined by Sophie Wooller, Data of Director and Technology at iProspect, Katie Baker, Head of Innovation at Samsung and Jeremy Waite, CSO at IBM, in a lively debate on how technology has enhanced or damaged our experiences in marketing. A hugely relevant question in 2018, this session will bring the agency, brand and tech perspective together.

12.15 ~ 12.45

The Impact Perspective

James Scroggs, Chair of CALM, the charity behind Project 84, joins the agenda to discuss the human impact of an analogue moment in a technological world. When we are forced to rationalise an emotional response, to not just feel it, but to touch it. James debates how technology has enhanced or damaged our awareness of real issues, such as male suicide.

12.45 ~ 13.45


A sumptuous two-course lunch.

13.45 ~ 14.10

The Arts Perspective

Mariana Pastana curator of the Tomorrow’s World exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London joins the one question agenda to examine how heritage museums can adopt technology to enhance their experience in 2018 whilst not distracting from the art itself. In a world where we can do and see much more through the power of technology, what do we miss when that very technology becomes more of a distraction than an enhancement.

14.10 ~ 14.30

The UX Perspective

Founder of UX agency, Simon Norris joins the agenda to debate the human perspective technology has on our experiences? Technology has fundamentally changed us in the way we relate to the world and perceive ourselves. Are we addicted to technology? Can we control it? Simon argues is it not the tech that’s the problem, it’s people and discusses technology’s ongoing impact on communication and healthcare, as well as future implications/applications in terms of VR, AI and automation. He’ll also talk about how intentional and considered design can counteract many of technology’s less savoury consequences.

14.30 ~ 15.00

The Relationship Perspective

CEO of Coco De Mer, Luxury Lingerie and Erotica Fashion House, Lucy Litwack joins One Question Producer, Sarah Parsonage in an interview to discuss the enhancement or damage of technology to our personal relationships. Has the traditional idea of romance been damaged by our ability to have more transient encounters or are we more sexually liberated by innovation in sex technology?

15.00 ~ 15.20

Tea & Coffee

Afternoon refreshments and networking

15.20 ~ 15.40

The Trust Perspective

Richard Shotton, author of The Choice Factory and Jaime Pham, LinkedIn, debate in a technological world who do we trust? Has technology enhanced our experience of each other or damaged it? How, as humans and as businesses do we build more trust with our customers.

15.40 ~ 16.10

The Finance Perspective

Founder of Ask The BOSS, Heather Darnell and Founder of Receipt Bank, Alexis Prenn, debate how technology has impacted our experience of finance. How has it enhanced or damaged our conversations with those responsible for our financial decisions?

16.10 ~ 16.30

The International Perspective

Tara Prabhakar, Qualitative Global Director as Kantar joins the agenda to answer how technology has enhanced or damaged our experiences internationally and culturally. We are all guilty of living in our day to day bubbles, with new technologies at our fingertips, but how does this affect those living in India, China or beyond, socially and economically.

16.30 ~ 17.15

RANKIN in an interview with Sarah Parsonage.

Photographer and filmmaker Rankin joins the agenda in an interview with Financial Times, Global Media Editor, Matthew Garrahan, answering the one question, has technology enhanced or damaged our experiences? Join us for this special session looking at the worlds of technology through the lens of creativity and fashion.

17.15 ~ 19.30

Exclusive Drinks Reception

Jazz Musician Hailey Tuck joins the exclusive networking reception performing tracks from her brand new album, Junk, the perfect accompaniment to a classic Negroni provided by partner Campari. Join the outstanding speakers and guests of One Question for a networking reception unlike any other.