Previous Questions

Each year One Question identified the question for the year? What are the biggest challenges facing business and society, and how can we address them by asking the right question.

Through a series of public and private conversations, our podcast series and Sarah’s fortnightly newsletter.

One Question launched in 2016, asking, how do we successfully marry technology and humanity? Since then every conversation has explored the role of business in society and the impact of society on our businesses, and our place as leaders in both.

Below is a just a taste…

If TED Talks and Vanity Fair were to have a love child.

Jeremy Waite, IBM

Probably the best conversation I’ve had this year.

James Whatley, Ogilvy & Mather

One Question was one of the highlights of my year. In a world of fast-paced sound bites flying around the social ether, it presented itself as an oasis of calm and reflection. By focusing on one question answered from various angles it moved the audience from their usual distractions to a far more stately pace, where depth replaced breadth. In short, I loved it.

Fred Bolza, Sony Music

One Question is the conference that has stuck in my mind over the last year. The focus of the day leads to a depth of interrogation and contrast of answers that leave you to feel intellectually satisfied – which is very rarely the case with other events.

Bruce Daisley, Twitter

One Question, it’s speakers and attendees were inspirational, emotional, and enlightening. It was truly an amazing experience.

Matthew Luhn, Formerly Pixar