Sarah Lockhart



Sarah Lockhart is the queen bee of UK underground music. Almost always operating just behind the scenes, she’s had a hand in multiple revolutions in the sounds and rhythms of London’s clubs and sound systems. The FWD>> club night she founded in 2001, was a crucible for dubstep, grime and many other bass music innovations besides. Her involvement with Rinse FM saw the station not only transition from pirate to legal station but built it into a powerhouse within the industry. Before even that she was instrumental in the evolution of UK garage, through her work in distribution, A&R and music publishing. At every turn, she’s connected encyclopedic knowledge of music with a laser-focused eye for what’s happening at a grassroots level. She’s now interested in projects connecting individuals and movements with a focus on social impact – but whatever comes next there’s a cast iron guarantee that it will be part of the deeper continuity of sub-culture that has run through everything she’s done