One Question launches new membership, in life, online and in print.

Apr 15th, 2019

Community: ‘the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.’

I set up One Question in 2016 to challenge the way we think about our every day and, at the same time, force us out of our industry echo chambers. We still learn more from each other and we build stronger and more sustainable relationships in physical rather than virtual space. Although this is not new, we choose to conduct the majority of our business relationships through the Internet, attempting to sustain them via WhatsApp and Twitter. We attend industry events to validate what we already know. As Michael Luo of the New Yorker wrote in an article this week, ‘… although I am reading more than ever before, it often feels like I am understanding less.

The danger is that we are forcing ourselves further and further into our own bubbles, seemingly too busy to step outside and learn from other industries and other people. Martin Wiegel of W+K beautifully captures such a problem, in his article Escape from Fantasy:

“There is, of course, a role for intuition and gut in what we do – but creating things based entirely on our personal tastes, behaviours, experiences, assumptions, and preferences are what Bob Hoffman has characterised as ‘marketing by selfie-stick’ – narcissism disguised as strategy.”

On the 14th May, the One Question returns to ask: does purpose really drive profit? The day will once again seek to answer this big question from a range of different industries. These include marketing perspective with Lisa Hogg from TOMS shoes; the advertising perspective from BBH’s Tom Roach; the political perspective with Joe Twyman, former senior speechwriter for Obama; the human perspective with Major Andrew Fox of the Para regiment; Alex Weller of Patagonia taking the brand perspective; and many more.  

One Question is creating a true, human community, forcing us to ask big questions with the sole purpose to learn not just what we think, but why we think it. The community allows us to solve some of society’s biggest challenges by looking through the lens of other industries and, by doing so, invest in new communities to build better businesses.

In order to understand more, and to help to rebalance our online and real-life relationships, last week we launched the One Question Membership. The new membership will further reinforce the value of real-life relationships creating a community that values quality content over quantity in life, online and in print. Annual membership includes an invitation to our full-day conference in the UK and internationally. Invitation to the One Question quarterly debating series (Non-members £75 per ticket) and select invites to our member-only Closed Door evening supper discussions. Access to our brand new video hub showcasing new and old questions as well as exclusive partnership content. (Priceless)  The fortnightly member newsletter, featuring exclusive one question news, partnerships and member questions.

Memberships can be purchased on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, company memberships are also available. For more information and to become a member today, visit