We ask James Whatley of Oglivy & Mather, what one piece of technology do you tend not to trust?

May 9th, 2017

One Question speaker James Whatley

James Whatley, Planning Partner at Ogilvy & Mather

This week we’ve been talking to James Whatley who, having dedicated the past decade of his professional life to all things mobile, digital and social, is not only aware of the benefits that emerging technologies bring to modern life but is also responsible for identifying them daily in the name of client business. It’s certainly feasible that we have come to rely on technology in all aspects of modern society, but do we truly have faith in it? Leading up to the One Question event we therefore decided to ask James a slightly different question:

“What one piece of technology do you tend not to trust?”

James said:

“More often than not I find myself questioning public transport recommendations on City Mapper and/or Google Maps. The rational part of my brain knows that it is 100% showing me the fastest route but the irrational part of me tells me that there’s no way it is correct and that I probably, in fact absolutely, know a faster way. Cue: several minutes of searching through tube maps, train times, et al to be certain there is a faster way. I think I’m probably right around 50% of the time. Which means I question it every time.”


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