We ask Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Vikki Chowney, what one piece of technology do you tend not to trust?

May 4th, 2017

Vikki Chowney

Vikki Chowney, Hill+Knowlton Strategies

For our blog this week, we’re talking to Vikki Chowney, seasoned PR professional and director of content and publishing strategies. As a professional working within the public relations industry, technology is part of Vikki’s everyday life and will continue to feature across all communications. However, can someone who works with technology on a regular basis trust all aspects of it explicitly? Therefore, in the lead up to our event on May 17, we asked Vikki:

 “What one piece of technology do you tend not to trust, and why?”

Vikki said:

“I don’t trust anything that autosyncs my private stuff with the internet; WhatsApp chat backup, photo sharing with Facebook, Apple iCloud – all that jazz. I don’t trust the ability of these businesses to keep my information safe, because to them it’s seen as low priority, but to me – my private life is way more important. It’s funny because I TOTALLY trust my online banking app, which if hacked could cause me far more serious trouble. But I guess I feel ok about that because they take it seriously.”


To hear more from Vikki and a whole host of exceptional speakers on May 17, you can get tickets for our upcoming event here.