One Question & IBM take to Twitter

Apr 28th, 2017

On Thursday 4th May at 7pm GMT, One Question and partner IBM are hosting an exclusive Twitter conversation debating trust and technology.

In a world in which innovation in technology is faster than ever before, when we have more online relationships than offline and driverless cars could soon become the norm; how do we balance how much trust we put in technological innovation?

Join One Question, IBM, and a number of the One Question guest speakers for what will be a fast-paced and insightful conversation on the future of technological responsibility.

To join this fascinating conversation simply be online at 7.00pm GMT on Thursday 4th May

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Use the hashtag #OneQuestion

Respond to all questions by either quote tweeting the question or using “A” and the corresponding question number. For example: to answer Q1, start your tweet with A1.


Q1. What one piece of technology do you tend not to trust?

Q2. Do we have no other choice but to trust technology?

Q3. Are we moving to a world which we will trust the machine more than man?

Q4. Do you think we’re developing technology for development’s sake?

Q5. What can we do to improve the growing symbiotic relationship between technology and human trust?

Q6. Are widely accepted technologies such as social media doing more harm than good?

See you on the 4th!