We ask Simon Norris, Founder of Nomensa, what one piece of technology do you tend not to trust?

Apr 27th, 2017

Simon Norris

Simon Norris, Founder and CEO at Nomensa

With more than 20 years’ experience running a thought-leading digital business, Simon recognised many moons ago that the future for digital lies in the intelligent crafting of the experience technology offers. Founder of the phrase ‘Humanising Technology’, he has an academic background in Human Psychology, Human Biology and Cognitive Science, and has turned the traditional view of web design on its head. Studying people’s emotions and their experiences to reshape how organisations can engage with their customers more meaningfully, and ultimately more profitably, is what he does best. But how does he feel personally challenged by digital? Ahead of our event on May 17 we asked Simon:

“What one piece of technology do you tend not to trust?”

Simon said:

“I currently don’t trust ePassport machines.  I understand their function is to help speed up how quickly we can move through passport control when returning to the UK.  I also understand the need for efficiency and do consider them a great potential use of technology.  However, they fail far too often.  On a recent visit stood in a queue at Heathrow, I witnessed three out of five people fail in front on me – I also failed.  Upon asking the Border Control Officer how often they fail I was informed 7%, which seemed inaccurate or on the low side.  Establishing trust is a critical aspect of border control.  An under-performing system can only work to elevate anxiety for people returning to the UK.  This is how to erode trust.”

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