We ask Stephen Pavlovich, CEO at Conversion, what one piece of technology do you tend not to trust?

Apr 19th, 2017


For our latest blog, we’ve been speaking to Stephen Pavlovich, CEO of Conversion.com. As the CEO of one of the UK’s largest conversion optimisation agencies, Stephen is no stranger to technology. Utilising technology extensively in both his professional and personal life, does he trust all elements of technology, though, no matter how small? Ahead of our event on May 17, we asked Stephen the question:

“What one piece of technology do you tend not to trust?”

Stephen said:

“Netflix’s star ratings for movies and shows. These ratings aren’t an average of all ratings – they’re based on ratings from other users with similar viewing habits. But that doesn’t explain why my Netflix account shows Groundhog Day as a miserly three stars.”

Stephen will be discussing how technology is changing decision-making and how, where once the most important decisions were made around a boardroom table, companies can now use technology to test multiple possible outcomes.

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