If we are willing to challenge the way we think about our every day, we will build more sustainable, profitable business from which real change will come.

The power dynamics of authority and truth are faltering. We no longer trust government, institutions, or the media to shape our opinions, our decisions, our daily lives. Perhaps it’s time for the responsibility and opportunity to fall to business to lead the way? If so, we must break out of our industry echochambers. We can only hope to address the biggest societal questions by amassing insight and perspectives across many industries, from which we can build meaningful action.

One Question is comprised of a group of like-minded business individuals, who are determined to question the status quo in business and in life. Individuals who seek to build real-life relationships, to learn and who are not afraid to take action in order to build more profitable, sustainable and businesses which will, in turn, shape real societal change.

Through closed discussions and live audience debates, One Question explores the answer to one question within industry and cross-industry, to find and share answers from different perspectives and different industries. The arising content from each discussion is shared with the network through a series of research, videos and essays.

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